Silicone Focal Beads/Bead Shapes #58



1 piece, bead hole 2mm.

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Alice In Wonderland (NOT FOOD SAFE)(I-3), Carl & Ellie (I-5), Cinderella #2 (I-3), Coraline w/Cat (I-2), Green Mickey Peppermint (I-2), Kermit (I-2), Lilo & Stitch ( I-5), Mcdonalds (I-4), Miss Piggy (I-2), Rainbow Brite #2 (I-5), Red Minnie Peppermint (I-2), Russell & Dug (I-4), Snow White w/Apple (I-3), White Rabbit (NOT FOOD SAFE) (I-1), Winnie The Pooh & Tigger (I-4)

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