Silicone Focal Beads/Bead Shapes #67



1 piece, bead hole 2mm.

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Weight N/A
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Barney (flintstones)(NOT FOOD SAFE)(J-5), Bee-Yotch #2 (K-1), Betty ((NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-F), Boss Babe (pink)(J-3), Bowling Strike (J-3), Bride Of Chucky Tiffany (J-5), Casino Poker Chip (J-3), Coors Light (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-F), Corona Extra (NOT FOOD SAFE)(J-4), Dora The Explorer (NOT FOOD SAFE)(35-F), Dr Pepper Can (47-B), Emotional Support Coworker (J-4), Ford (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-C), Fred Flintstone Face (NOT FOOD SAFE)(35-E), Friends (J-2), I Will Shut That Sh*t Down (J-3), It's Fine I'm Fine (orange) (35-E), John Deer (NOT FOOD SAFE)(J-5), Round Coca Cola (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-F), South Park Cartman (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-E), South Park Kenny (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-E), South Park Kyle (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-E), South Park Stan (NOT FOOD SAFE)(36-E), Sprite Can (NOT FOOD SAFE)(J-5), Sunflower Gnome (J-3), Super Cool Cheer Dad (J-4), Wife Mom Nurse #2 (J-4)

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